These ideas for a flower garden, demonstrating how a typical yard construction that no longer needs to perform its functional tasks can acquire a new artistic purpose. Whether existing or built for purely decorative purposes, the well can easily be converted into a colorful accent and a place for growing a variety of plants. Even functioning when access to water is via an electric pump installation rather than the classic mechanical system, it can be turned into a wonderful garden without losing the practical side of creating it. Design ideas for a well in the garden are dozens, and hundreds of possible performances. Shapes, sizes, materials may vary depending on the look or the raw materials available. Whether it is square, round or polygonal, made of stone, wood, bricks, other building materials, or even old car tires, the well is the perfect environment for flowers. It is the connection between earth and water, and it is a striking symbol of the foundation for the life of all plants. The very decoration and choice of garden flowers can vary within vastly wide limits, with the final picture dependent on personal care and care. Here are some examples of similar implementations that could serve as inspiring ideas: