Too often, the space in our homes forces us to make decisions such as placing a wardrobe in the living room. With current design ideas and tips we would like to present several points of view in a similar interior situation. Of course, most people prefer to have enough space to store clothes and even private rooms, but the facts of limited size do not always allow it. Therefore, in many cases it turns out that the living room is the room in the home, where such a functional corner can be formed and then questions and problems arise. Perhaps the volume comes first - the required dimensions far exceed the proportions of other furniture and this is why most designers try to "hide" or "integrate" it in the room. However, this issue is also related to all the others concerning the wardrobe - functional, technical and aesthetic.

When a modular unit is a unit of a common furniture group, this cabinet is usually designed to look like a part or parts of the composition. It is divided into separate decorative elements to mask the surface, use mirrors and glossy surfaces to increase the volume taken away, etc.

Building a separate niche has the same challenges, but in contrast to the finished cabinets, the full height of the room is used in this case. The design again aims at integrating with the overall styling and merging with the overall interior concept.

Here are some examples of different designs:

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