Current ideas for a modern kitchen in red are rather an attempt at an interior reading in a culinary context of perhaps the most complex and controversial of all colors. From fire through carmine, ruby, wine, tomato, pink, coral and thousands of other shades to bloody and purple, red symbolizes almost the entire palette of human emissions. Passion, anger, attention, prohibitions and gifts, faithfulness and hatred, purity and sin are combined in it. In different cultures and traditions it has its bright presence, and in the kitchen this mixture can be the basis for real masterpieces. However, when we talk about interior design, it is this extreme of perceptions related to red that makes it the easiest to combine with the other two poles in the colors - black and white or the gray mixture of the two. Choosing red is a real challenge and at the same time a logical approach for many people; that's why here we will only outline a few ideas, and we will leave the choice to you.

Interior Decoration Ideas With Wall and furniture stickers.