Candle light creates a unique intimate and romantic atmosphere. When deciding to create a romantic mood or simply light with a softer and subdued light, you should definitely have beautifully decorated candlesticks and lanterns. Here are some original candle decorating ideas. Custom and artistic lanterns with cut-out bottles or old beautiful tea boxes. Jars decorated with lace that let in the light of small interesting shapes. Candles made of mussels and rapans for a marine mood. You can make beautiful candles from metal cups and boxes yourself by carefully nailing and hammering with dots and hammers and gradually shaping different shapes.

How to make bottle lanterns?

Another idea is to make great lanterns with bottles removed. Attention! Please do not use the old water and pressure methods. It's dangerous, you can seriously injure yourself. Cut the bottom with a glass knife, or if you don't have a walk to the nearest glass workshop. They will cut it precisely and precisely, clean and round the cut out part. If you still manage to do it yourself, here's a completely effective home-based method. Do not use in children!

You pick up the bottle you choose and wrap the yarn (twine, rope) around the 5-6 times. You run the yarn through the top of the bottle and dip it in acetone. Put the yarn back in the lowest part of the bottle and light it. The acetone must burn completely. Then immediately immerse yourself in cold water and the bottom is only removed without any effort. Here's how to do it:

Some ideas for beautiful candle holders and lanterns: