This project for interior design of a two-bedroom apartment with an area of ​​77q.m., Combines several interesting creative approaches. First of all, it may be the conditional division of the living room into a living room and kitchen area by building a decorative interior wall, with a sofa on one side and a kitchen counter on the other. A dining table with an 6 chair is located next to the windows in the living room, and a counter with two seats is placed against the windows again, but in the kitchen area. The tones are bright with a few colorful accents and contrasting kitchen countertops. Another interesting choice is the use of sliding glass doors to approach this room, as well as a mirror back for the front door.

In the other part of the dwelling are two bedrooms with service spaces between them. The larger room has a separate wardrobe space, while the other has a cabinet look but with a pull-out sofa that turns into a bed. This is the perfect room for a teenager, with lines and colors following the same modernist approach, and volume released to the maximum.

Author: Anastasia Viventsova

Interior Decoration Ideas With Wall and furniture stickers.