Khachapuri (Georgian - ხაჭაპური from ხაჭო (hach) - "cottage cheese" and პური (cigar "" bread ") is a traditional Georgian dish, which is prepared in a dozen different variants. It consists mainly of dough stuffed with cheese and eggs. In the different Georgian territories this dish has significant differences in composition - from soda dough with yogurt, to dough with yeast and fresh, mixing different cheeses, adding herbs and other products, as well as in shaping - from sprinkled bread, through closed bread, to a multi-layered arrangement as in the pie. The classic version uses Sulguni / Suluguni cow cheese (Georgian სულგუნი, სულუგუნი) or other traditional cheeses. Here we will introduce you to the preparation of khachapuri in Adjara. Adjara (Georgian აჭარა - Achara) is an autonomous republic of the Black Sea with Batumi as its capital. In this approach, the khachapurito is shaped like a boat with a whole egg and butter.

Necessary products:

Adjar Khachapuri

For the dough:
300y wheat flour
200ml milk
1 / 3 cube of fresh yeast or 1h. dry
1 / 2 egg
1 / 2h sugar
3 / 4 salt
1 / 2 olive oil or oil
1 / 2 spread egg
For the stuffing:
500y cheese cheese mix
2 eggs
5 eggs - for baking
50y butter

Method of preparation:

Beat one egg, which you divide in two - one half is for the dough and the other for spreading. From the dough products, knead a smooth and soft one, dissolving the yeast in a part of warmed milk and sugar, and after foaming, mix the mixture with the other ingredients. If necessary, add a little milk or flour. Form a ball, grease and cover to rise at room temperature for about an hour or so. Then mix again and leave to rise again for about 30 minutes. Divide into 5 equal balls, and roll each ball thinly. Wrap the two opposite ends of the rolled dough evenly until they meet, then pinch well on the side, place on paper in the baking tray and open in the middle like a boat as indicated. Spread with beaten egg and place the stuffing, in which you can mix grated yellow cheese, cheese and cottage cheese with both eggs. Bake in a preheated 200 degree oven until golden, then remove, form a recess if necessary in the center of each "boat" and break one egg inside. Bake again for about 5 minutes - until the whites are white, and the yolks should be fluffy. Put a lump of butter and serve. You can sprinkle with spices to taste.