Isola Bella (Italian - Isola Bella - Beautiful Island) is one of the Borromean Islands in the second largest lake in Italy - Lago Maggiore (Italian - Lago Maggiore or Lago Verbàno from Latin Lacus Verbanus), breathtaking with its charm and vision . Until 1632. the island is a rocky place known as the Lower Island (l'isola inferiore or isola di sotto), which is home to a small fishing village. This year, Charles III of the influential aristocratic Borromeo family began building a palace in honor of his wife Isabella, after whom the island is named. Although interrupted for some time by a plague epidemic, the construction and planning of the island continued by the Family and was completed nearly a century and a half later. Today Isola Bella is a popular tourist destination and cultural environment, and its splendor fascinates every visitor.