In this project of a beautiful house with 4 bedrooms and a garage, 3 of the bedrooms are located on the attic, and the fourth is on the first floor and allows its separation for other needs. The internal layout itself is extremely functional, from the entrance hall to an open to the living room lobby, to the right of which is a room, and to the left are utility rooms - bathroom and boiler room, which is an internal connection to the garage. The living area is bright and spacious, as the living-dining area is separated from the kitchen by zoning with a bar, but both can be accessed on a beautiful veranda with a large terrace to the garden. The kitchen has a large closet, and directly opposite it are positioned the stairs to the attic. There, around the central entrance, there are three more bedrooms, a wardrobe and a bathroom, while from the intermediate staircase you enter a useful attic room above the garage. All three attic bedrooms have access to small but neat balconies, and skylights provide additional light in all volumes. The architectural layout of the facade is solved in a wonderful combination of white, light wood tones, red bricks and a dark roof, forming the harmonious completion of this beautiful house with a stylish garden.

Internal distribution of the house:
Floor 1 - 1st floor - 3.60m²; 2. foyer - 13.20m²; 3rd bath - 3.30m²; - 12.20m²; 5. living room + dining room - 29.60m²; 6.killer - 2.90m²; / office - 9.80m²; 9. Warehouse / boiler room - 9.20 m10; 20.90. Garage - XNUMXm².

Total: 104.70m²

Attic - 1st entrance hall - 6.10m²; / bedroom - 12.20m²; / bedroom - 12.20m²; / bedroom - 13.20m²; 5. wardrobe - 3.90m²; 6.bathroom - 5.90m²; 7.attic room - 9.10m².

Total: 62.60m²

Living space: 137.30m²;
Height of the house: 8.50m;
Cubic capacity: 405.40m³;
Roof slope: 40 °

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