Here we will present this project of a beautiful one-storey house with 3 bedrooms per 100m2 of living space, demonstrating efficient use of volumes and functional distribution of areas. In addition to the three bedrooms, which are the same size of 12 square meters, there is a smaller room provided for the office, which in case of need can also be used for overnight stays. There are two bathrooms - a separate toilet and a large bathroom with one. Right next to the entrance hall there is a boiler room and / or storage room, and the living room combines a partially zoned kitchen with a countertop and a living-dining area. Their total area is just over 35 square meters. and have direct access to the backyard through a double glass door. The facade is light and contrasts with the dark roof and frames of the light openings, and the decorative wooden cladding harmoniously completes the beautiful vision of this beautiful house with a stylish garden.

House layout:

1st entrance - 5.01m²; 2. boiler room / storage room - 6.66m²; 3. foyer / corridor - 8.40 m4; - 5m²; 26.13. everyday life - 7m²; 1.31.wc - 8m²; 12.02. bedroom - 9m²; 12.02. bedroom - 10m²; 7.29. bath - 11m²; 12.02.bedroom -12m²; 6.78. cabinet - XNUMXm².

Total: 106.66m²

Living space: 100m²
Building Height: 6.74m
Building area: 136.23m²
Roof angle: 30 °
Roof area: 202.27m²

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