Making a fire in the ground through the use of bricks is a relatively easy task that does not require money and is quite practical. Building such a corner for keeping the fire open has its own culinary and romantic aspect. Culinary because dozens of dishes can be cooked on the embers of the fire, and romantic, because even a simple evening drink party near the fire brings harmonious delight. This approach is probably the oldest used by humans to create a hearth outdoors because it does not rely on constructing structures, but simply a little manual labor to dig a hole in the soil and use natural materials. At the same time, the fire is protected from the gusts of wind and everything else is protected from the fire.

Way of making:

There are different approaches to building, arranging and decorating such an outdoor area, but the basic steps are identical - choosing a place, outlining the size, determining the depth, digging, lining. It is desirable that the bottom of the hearth is covered with stones and bricks or expanded clay. In this way, in addition to a longer retention of temperature, a drainage layer will be formed. All these and a number of other details should be considered and systematized in a clear way before starting work. After the construction of the hearth, it is highly recommended to provide a second protective perimeter, which will provide additional security from possible coals and sparks. The finishing touches, as well as the materials used can be very different and everyone should invest personal sense and approach in their creation.