The beauty of the garden lakes is indisputable, as is the unique atmosphere they create when shaping the exterior spaces. They can be self-arranged or connected in a harmonious complex. More than once we have described ideas for garden ponds and fountains - design and construction. Some small and others larger. Some more ordinary and others more complex. This idea is a combination of the two principles, namely making a lake with a fountain in the yard.

Make a lake with a fountain in the garden

Method of production:

As we have always said, good planning and expertise are half the battle, so take the time to prepare. We will not give you advice on the type of insulation coating or pumping system, because they can be very different, and the specific features of each terrain require an individual approach. You must first determine the size and slope. If there is a natural displacement, use it to the maximum, but avoid the lowest places where it is possible in the rain for water to flow and fill the lake. More details on the manufacture of you can find a garden pond HERE. Choose the type of foil, taking into account the soil and size, and if necessary, provide underlying insulation. Consult about the piping system and the pump - synchronous or asynchronous, submersible or external is a matter of many details. Choose an overflow vessel for the highest point, ie. The "spring" beginning of your fountain, as well as the stone decorations. When you are aware of the smallest detail, proceed to the actual work by first marking the basic planned dimensions and steps. Dig the desired shape and make the embankment for the water cascade. Reinforce the thresholds with bricks or concrete blocks. Carefully inspect the entire surface for sharp stones and cutting edges. Pour sand if necessary. Cover tightly with insulating foil and install the overflow. Reinforce with decorative stones or slabs, being careful not to have too sharp edges. Install the pump system connecting the pond to the overflow and also stabilize it. Fill with water and test for at least XNUMX hours. If all is well and you have no fluid loss, continue with the stone and flower decorations until you get the dream garden corner.