How to make yourself a Christmas roll of paper rolls while combining creativity with ecology? Here's an idea of ​​how the holiday spirit can be reimagined in reusing rollers. Making is very easy and fun, with many different options to create. You just have to get to work and let your artistic self guide you. You only need more paper rolls, silicone, paint and holiday decor.

Method of production:

Christmas wreath

There are several approaches to making. As the wreath is traditionally green, this alternative work should be in the same color. Therefore, you can color the rollers before or after work. Cut each roll into strips of the same width and, with the help of a model knife, cut the same round elements accordingly. By pressing simultaneously with your fingers at two opposite ends of the circles, form ellipses. These ellipses will be the leaves of your future Christmas flowers. Group the ellipses in 5 or 6 as shown and glue them with silicone. Prepare enough "colors", then arrange them in a circle and glue again with silicone. In order for the circle to be correct, it is good to outline it on the base on which you will arrange the colors. Make a second, slightly smaller circle. Apply it on the first one and glue them. Add decorations and you're done with your alternative and eco-friendly Christmas wreath.