Make a beer bar from an unnecessary old barrel and create beautiful and functional furniture. We have repeatedly presented various ideas for reusing unnecessary barrels, but "reclassifying" them from wine containers to beer kegs is a fun transformation with minimal change in their purpose for low-alcohol bearers. Here we will present two main approaches in such work - in one the body of the barrel is a storage for the keg and the beer machine, ie. a filling system is being built, and in the other there is just an ice storage with a glass top with amber freshness.

Of course, even though they may seem at first glance basic to the idea, the ideas have their own specific design, so we advise enthusiasts to consider all the details before eventually engaging in the realization. Help from a specialist in wood and metal work would also be an invaluable bonus in the creative process.

Method of production:

In the first case it is necessary to have an apparatus and a beer tap. A part of the barrel enclosure arches must be cut open and the cut out parts connected to form a door or lid, just as in the idea of Storm sink. The apparatus / cooler, keg, carbon dioxide bottle and the reduction valve will later be installed through the opening. Depending on the total volume of the barrel and the size of the system, the distribution and performance of the parts can vary greatly. A hole for mounting a column with a crane is cut separately into one barrel cover, and two can be provided if the system allows. The rest is the bonding of the elements and the enjoyment of the draft beer.

In the second case, the barrel is simply an auxiliary table with an ice pack to cool the drinks. There are many variants to make, with the base being again in the cutting of the encircling arches, but this time with significantly wider openings. An ice container is mounted inside. An additional bar top can be installed around the barrel. All that remains is to put the ice, the bottles and cut the appetizers.