The proposed idea of ​​making a garden bench of beams and blocks is so easy to implement that it is within the reach of anyone with sufficient desire and inspiration. All you need are a few aerated concrete blocks and beams or planks. A good option is to use the remaining pieces of construction. In this way there will be maximum utilization of the materials. It is desirable to cut the wood to the same, planned length and to impregnate and / or varnish it. The blocks, on the other hand, can simply be arranged in a suitable combination or soldered with mortar. In the first case, disassembly and subsequent installation of the bench will be much easier. The only thing you should watch for is a solid base and a level level. For everything else you can give free rein to your creative imagination - composition, colors, decorations, arrangements, etc.

Do it yourself garden bench made of beams and blocks