Can we make a garden picnic table, as the temperature increases and the time spent outdoors, and thus the desire for more hours in nature? Of course, the blanket is a true companion at such times, but if the place chosen for relaxation is our own yard, then wooden furniture is the right choice. We can buy them ready, but it's much more fun to make them ourselves. In general, these craftsmanship activities are advanced, so if you intend to pursue the idea described here, we advise you to evaluate your strength and ask for help as needed. Implementation should be easy, and the construction, while simple, combines the garden table and benches into one.

As in any such case, it should be noted here that good planning is half the work. It will save time, unnecessary effort, nerves and expense. Therefore, even the smallest detail has to be considered before working on the substance. We will not mark specific sizes here, although the following are practical implementation dimensions. The width, height and length of the garden table and benches must be determined by each individual and depending on who will use it. They can be foreseen and worked out refrigerating openings as described HERE. However, it is recommended that the structural beams be at least 3.5cm thick and the boards and seats are 1.5-2cm thick. It is also advisable that the width of the table be at least slightly larger than that of the two benches combined.

Picnic garden table

Materials needed:

A - Supporting beams for the legs of the future garden furniture - 2 pcs.
C - Fixing and supporting beams for the table and benches - 2 pcs.
C - Connecting boards for the countertop and seats - depending on the overall dimensions
D - Boards for the countertop and seats - 11-15 pcs. (depending on their width)
E - Structural beams
Fasteners - screws and bolts; tools

Method of production:

Arrange the pre-cut elements according to plan and mark the connection points. The main bearing parts are well screwed in with nuts, which means drilling holes. Assemble the legs for the table and the seat beams respectively. Connect the two parts through the seat boards. It would be good to have an assistant at this stage of the job. Connect the countertop boards and mount it on the supporting structure. Secure the retaining beams and secure further if necessary. Check the strength, then impregnate and varnish for open operation. Wait for it to dry and invite everyone around the table.

Picnic garden table