Very often, when we sit in an armchair with a drink, a reader, a telephone, remote or all of them, we need a table on which to place them when needed, and at the same time be at hand. The soft backrest can easily become a suitable base for this in an elementary way, namely by making a wooden profile that gives us the necessary stability and surface. This idea can bring a lot of convenience without in any way disrupting the interior space. Such a table is easily inserted and removed, and its volume allows it to be placed anywhere when it is not needed. There are different ways to realize the idea, but regardless of the choice, they are all relatively easy and quick to implement.
Method of production:

Of course, even the simplest idea needs to be thought through the details before execution begins. In this case, as a stable plane is sought, there are two main approaches, one using the attachment of the backrest itself and the other to the floor. In both, the main is the U-shaped profile. Depending on the implementation plan, the details of the workmanship can further complicate the endeavor.

When securing the backrest, the stability of the table is determined by the precise work, the main dimensions A, B and C must be tailored to the specific backrest and ensure the maximum accurate fit of the profile to it.

When the table is freestanding on the floor, the possibilities for making side or cross compartments are much greater. On the other hand, in addition to the possibility of larger storage space, the design itself allows for the versatile use of the table as standalone furniture.