After we have already presented ideas for using barrels and barrels as chairs and other different furniture, we will dwell in more detail on the construction of the sink. This proposal combines the artistic vision of a rustic solution with practical use. A sink made in this way can be easily transferred from home to the garden or vice versa. We have already talked about the qualities of wood - they allow trouble-free use in different environments. Therefore, all you need is a barrel or barrel of the appropriate size, the appropriate sink tray (freestanding or built-in), mixer tap and the necessary connections, details. Given the fact that improper implementation of plumbing can cause significant trouble, we advise you if you do not have experience to consult a specialist. Otherwise, the implementation is simple - the trough and the mixer are installed, part of the barrel body is cut out and re-installed as a hinged door to ensure access; the water supply and sewerage system are connected and the sink is ready. The choice of elements and the way of installation is a matter of personal taste or design decision, but the battery and the tray with an antique look look the most authentic.

Storm sink