The idea presented here of how anyone can make a clay pot barbecue relatively easily will be salvation if you want to eat delicious and cooked on fire, and why not smoked meat or vegetables, and you do not have the necessary appliances. The ability of clay to accumulate heat and distribute it evenly helps to easily transform the empty flower pot into a culinary assistant. The closed volume of the pot, on the other hand, allows it to be cooked clean and without risk of fire, even in urban environments. The principle is elementary and the basic approaches are two and in the next lines we will mark their basic parameters.

Method of production:

The first and basic condition is that you have one empty and sufficient volume clay pot with a pad or two of the same diameter. In the simplest version, you will only need a grill to bake the products on. The earthen vessel is placed on a non-combustible pedestal (bricks, stones, metal, etc.) to provide air flow through the opening, which is usually used for drainage. Of course, additional ones can be drilled for better circulation and, accordingly, regulation of the combustion process. Charcoal is placed in the pot, ignited, the grill is put on top and everything is ready.

However, if you want to do it barbecue smoker, you will need more serious preparation. Characteristic in the preparation of food for smoking is the long time it takes to reach the degree of readiness for consumption and the associated prolonged heating of the wood. It is also desirable to have a temperature control, which implies the presence of a thermometer to monitor the degrees. Maintaining a not very high constant temperature of the timber of about 350 ° - 400 ° C is best achieved with an electric stove that can be placed at the bottom of the pot. A metal container of smokestack wood is laid over it, avoiding coniferous species. It is desirable that the wood chips be moistened and the container covered - for example, with aluminum foil to make holes. A cooking grill is mounted above the smoke tank. This system must be closed, which can be done with a pot of the pot or another clay pot of the same diameter. Mounting a thermometer, as mentioned earlier, is highly recommended. Thus, by heating the wood, smoke will form, which will circulate in the enclosed space of the pot and clog the food. Keep in mind that different cook times will be required to fully prepare the products, depending on their type, thickness, cuttings, humidity and other factors. This will also require timely inspection, and the closure vessel will heat up significantly, so it should also be considered how it will open, incl. handles can be mounted.