In the following lines we will present an idea for the unconventional use of the old bathtub. It is desirable to note that the use of cast iron bath is preferable to iron, and most owners of outdated ones are wondering what to do. Of course, the whole endeavor requires serious knowledge and experience in working with metals, but the result is well worth the effort. If you lack such experience or have doubts about some of the details of the workmanship, be sure to seek the help or advice of a specialist. An idea or tip can save you hours of wasted work.

Method of production:

unconventional use of the old bathtub

Planning, as we have always said, is at the heart of the success and timing of each idea. Consider the details from beginning to end. It would be good if you have drawings of the size of the furnace, the pedestal, the forehead with the doors, the chimney before the beginning. A consultation with a master caveman will be invaluable. Generally, you need to slice the tub exactly in the middle, and then measure the top half of the halves. It is also necessary to build a massive heat-resistant base on the site selected for installation, since it is desirable, given the total mass, that the workmanship should be on site. Insert, level, and secure this half of the tub, which has no opening for the siphon. Cut a piece of at least 4mm sheet (in this case old corrugated) that covers half of the tub and acts as a dividing wall between the combustion chamber and the furnace. The chimney that will flow from the combustion chamber through the furnace and up is well sized and well positioned. To do this, you can widen the existing siphon opening in the second half of the tub to the diameter of the chimney body, place, without attachment, the dividing sheet, and invert the second half on it and mark the exact location of the chimney opening. In the sheet, cut this hole and mount to the bottom half of the tub using high-temperature silicone or putty. Note that the temperature in the combustion chamber may reach above 1000-1100 ° C. Install the chimney body and install the second half of the tub. At the bottom, place the grill on which the burning will take place and the bottom of the top, ie. sheet, cover with heat-resistant bricks or similar material. Align the forehead, make a pattern for the front, and make another sheet of sheet metal that wall for the oven with openings and doors. Mount and grease. You can further insulate the bathtub by building the bottom half with bricks and insulating the upper half with additional coating. Put emotion and patience into the finishing details.