Anyone can easily make a human-shaped pot as long as they like the idea. Holding on to future development, even in one color in your collected hands, your palms being a solid support for life, is a kind of symbol of our desire to preserve what we give in love and joy, take care of for years and take away for a moment. What a clearer artistic expression that the world (or at least the one we know) is in our hands. And the flower garden itself is relatively easy to manufacture, though details such as the shape the palm takes, the composition of one, two or more hands, and many other details may vary by design.
However, the basic idea is, and the fine touches in its realization depend on the desire, skill, patience, materials used. In fact, latex gloves and construction mix are required for this decoration.

Method of production:

The method of construction is identical for the different approaches, but there is a difference in the materials used and the corresponding finishing details. If you use cement mortars you will achieve greater strength but less opportunity for finishing. If you choose to work with gypsum or similar mixtures, you will have the option of many more details, since even after tightening you will be able to process the surface relatively easily. Of course, with this approach you will also need to redecorate the decoration for additional moisture protection.
First you need to provide yourself with all the necessary tools and materials. After preparing the mixture, fill the pre-punctured gloves. This perforation will help to evacuate the affected air better. If you oil the gloves, you will ease the subsequent separation. A good way to fill them is to place them vertically in a cylindrical container with a diameter close to that of the glove wrist, with the latter wrapped around the edge of the container. After filling, they should be applied in a dry form and pressed to refine the composition. When the mixture is dry, remove the latex, sand or etch and paint as needed. If you are working with gypsum, it should be covered with epoxy resin or similar protective coating. Then fill with soil and decorate. In the following video you may see one approach: