This charming, rectangular wooden house with a useful floor space of over 165 square meters offers four bedrooms, a study and a very spacious living area under its roof. It is interesting that the entrances to the home are two - through the living room and hallway, both of which can be considered equal. However, on the one hand, the visitor to the home finds himself directly in the living room, through the other door he enters the entrance / entrance hall and then into the wide lobby, which is actually part of the living room. There's also a door to a small office. The lobby, on the other hand, goes left and right into corridors leading to the bedrooms and service rooms. There are three bedrooms and a bathroom with toilet in one half of the house. In the other part is the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom with bathtub, shower and toilet, boiler room and kitchen area. It in turn is connected to the centrally positioned living area with a fireplace.
A well-kept garden, colorful decorations and stone foundations, supported by massive wooden pillars in front of the two entrances, as well as all the other details in this house, make it an incredible dream that can be a reality.

House layout:

1.Antre - 4,68m²; 2.foyer - 11.06m²; 3 Corridor - 16,56m²; 4.state - 14,5m²; 5.bathroom - 6.81m²; + dining room - 19,56m²; - 27,1m²; 8.state - 13,22m²; 9.state - 15,94m²; 10.state - 16,91m²; 11.bathroom - 4,08m²; 12.state - 8,44m²; Boiler room - 13m².

Total: 165,37 m²

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