This is an interesting project of a one-storey house with beautiful brick decorations on the facade and an attic floor that can be reached by an internal staircase. The home has three bedrooms and a spacious living room with access to a magnificent backyard patio as well as a U-shaped kitchen with window above the sink. The rooms are serviced by a large bathroom with bathtub, shower and toilet, as well as a private bathroom to the kitchen. Between the two bedrooms is a boiler room, and a twisted staircase in the corridor is the connection with the attic. The attic floor is illuminated by two side windows beneath the ridge of the roof and a roof shutter. The level is left as a common open space, which can be adapted to the different needs and goals of the owners of the house.
The façade is white, with beautiful brick decorations, wooden shutters and elements that add a charming visual finish to the overall harmonious picture.

House layout:

1. entrance hall - 2.86m²; 2. foyer - 10,75 m3; 6,41. bath - 4 m11,43; 5th room - 3,17m²; 6. boiler room - 11,44 m7; 9,89. standing - 8m²; 31,14. standing - 9m²; 9,64. living room + dining room - 10 m1,81; XNUMX. kitchen - XNUMX mXNUMX; XNUMX.wc - XNUMXm².

Total: 98,54m²

Additionally: attic floor for adaptation

Useful living area - 95,37m²;
The height of the building - 6,48 m;
Building area - 120,44 mXNUMX;
Volume - 498m³;
Roof angle - 30 °;
Roof area - 188,22m²

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