This delightful home with attic floor and decorated stone and wood facade offers three bedrooms with a spacious living room with kitchen, utility rooms and double garage. The entrance hall is connected to the garage and the entrance hall to the boiler room. The latter also has a door to the yard. From the hallway, it leads directly into the living room and directly to the staircase to the attic level. The living room is spacious, with a fireplace and generously lit by large glass doors, and the kitchen area is separated by island raft and has a separate closet. A corridor along the attic stairs leads to three bedrooms, a bathroom with toilet and a separate bathroom. There is also a service laundry room, and the end room has a private bathroom, which can be reached through a separate dressing area.
The attic floor is a huge room, lit by four roof windows, and its high and usable part is above the 60 square.
The beautiful stone and wooden decorations on the facade, the beautifully landscaped yard with pool and barbecue area, as well as the overall look of this house make it a dream home.

Level 1: 1. entrance hall - 5.2m²; 2.killer - 2.83m²; 3. kitchen - 10,3 m4; 42,85. living room + dining room - 5 m13,7; 6. corridor - 2.2 m7; 2.98.wc - 8m²; 6.7. service room / laundry - 9m²; 16,3.bathroom - 10m²; 4.29. standing - 11m²; 12,3. bath - 12m²; 12,3.stand - 13m²; 7.7.stand - 14m²; 34,48. boiler room - XNUMXm²; XNUMX. double garage - XNUMX mXNUMX

Total: 174,13m²

Attic floor for adaptation:
1st corridor - 1,2 m59,92; ceiling - 195,45m² (XNUMXm²)

Total: 61,12m² (196,65m²)

Total usable living area (without attic floor): 139,65 m²

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