Making a barbecue smoky barbecue is a great way to reinvigorate a useless container by turning it from a wine storage location into a great smoker. The characteristics of the wooden casks and barrels make them perfect for the realization of the idea. There are several different ways to accomplish this task, and while it may not seem particularly complicated, there are a number of details that need to be considered before starting to work on the substance. We will only highlight some of the main points for the realization of the overall design, and for the details that can vary significantly, we will leave care to you.
Of course, the main thing needed to make such a smoking barbecue is the barrel, but the other components are no less important. Depending on the choice of barbecue option - single or double chamber - the time, complexity, cost and other moments related to the implementation can also vary significantly.

Way of implementation:

A clear action plan and stages of work must first be drawn up. For example, cutting the lid of the barrel is one of the initial steps, but if you have not fastened the boards (below and above the cut) with screws to the metal hoops, then everything will fall apart at the beginning. The easiest to implement model is a single-chamber barbecue with charcoal. After cutting the lid, which is then hinged again, and cleaning the barrel, a metal coal container is placed on the bottom. The wood chips for the smoke can be placed on the smoldering charcoal or in a separate container, which is covered with aluminum foil with holes above them. Although easy to implement, this option is not easy to cook smoke because it is very difficult to maintain the constant temperature required for smoking. Cutting a side cover in the barrel slightly improves process control. The installation of a thermometer is almost mandatory, as the smoking itself is a long process, during which it is not desirable to open the container frequently in order to maintain the required temperature - between 90 ° C and 120-150 ° C, depending on of the meat type. As already mentioned in the idea of Clay pot barbecue, a not very high constant temperature of the smoky wood of about 350 ° - 400 ° C is most suitable. This is easily achieved by electrically or gas heating the chips. For this purpose, a stove may be installed in place of the bottom of the barrel. It is also advisable to arrange the grills for the products on several levels so as to form several cooking zones.

For two-chamber models, which are much more complex to implement, there is a separation of cooking and burning processes. The idea is similar to the already described way of to the right of the Two-Room BBQ Smokerbut here instead of a barrel, a barrel is used for cooking. It may itself be positioned horizontally or vertically, as well as being connected differently to the combustion vessel. The only important thing in the barrel is warm smoke from selected aromatic timber.