Whether at an early age or in their teens, the child has his or her own specific requirements for the surrounding environment that make him or her feel happy and happy. The role of parents in the design of a nursery should be limited to capturing and understanding these children's needs, which together with the child itself, should be transformed into a complete design concept. The mother's favorite colors are not those of the father, and very often theirs and not the children's preferences are at the heart of the furniture. The truth is that in most cases, parents try to "model" their children's tastes too hard, rather than simply assisting in shaping individuality.

When two or more children need to be raised in a confined living space, things get even more complicated. Therefore, in addition to pure design and color solutions, one must look for that comfortable environment in which everyone can find their own corner of joy.

Here are some practical ideas for optimizing your room space:

Organizing the space in a nursery