This technique is a new and easy idea for decorating Easter eggs by transferring an image to a boiled egg. The advantages of this way of decorating eggs is that you can use any pictures you like on the internet, and even your personal memories. The only condition is that they be printed on a laser color printer. Use high quality images.

The first step is to decolorize the eggs this way here. Or you can use eggs with white shells. This idea uses an image transfer medium that you can buy from an art store or order online, but it is also possible to replace it with C200 glue. Step 2 - Apply a thick layer of medium or glue directly on the image. Allow to dry completely, but you can help yourself with a hair dryer or in the oven at 50 degrees, or on a low heat radiator. It is best to prepare and smear a whole sheet with small, suitable pictures. Once the sheet dries and gets a thin glossy film, cut out each individual image. Step 3 - immerse the picture in a bowl of cold water for about a minute and stick the smeared side on the egg. Press to stick well, and then gently begin removing the layers of paper with your finger until the image appears. If you are worried or tearing, allow it to dry and start removing the layers again with wet fingers. Or in practice, prepare a few eggs in step 3, and after you have made a dozen, return to the first egg and continue to remove the paper layer, and then the next. Be careful with C200 glue, as it is slippery and shifts can occur. But when you get used to it, you will discover an amazing result. Step 4 - if there are known hairs of paper, apply a thin layer of medium or glue only on the picture and you will get a clear image and gloss. This technique is just as beautiful as decoupage of Easter eggs, but is easier and more stable to condensation after storing eggs in the refrigerator.

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