Very often, landscaping projects include ideas for building a decorative pond or other artificial pond. With these suggestions, we hope to help inspire you to create such beauty. We have addressed in a number of other publications some ideas и the basic steps for creating a garden pond, but here we will focus on the overall concept of an environment with a focus on plants and flowers. Since the determinants of species selection depend on many factors, such as soil type and type, exposure, sunshine and shading, root system, temperature and humidity, etc., a universal approach does not exist, and every garden should be considered. as unique. On the other hand, the shape and size of ornamental garden lakes depend on opportunities, area, ideas and more, which makes every artificial water area different. Therefore, we will only outline ideas, and their realization will depend on our own capabilities and efforts. The good thing about this case is that such a project may be small or larger, need a lot of resources to create, or be of the type Do it yourself, but if successful, a unique garden corner will be formed.