The creative idea of ​​how one can make a computer table for two wooden reels is another proof that when creative thought is put into a process, the results can go beyond the standard limits. As mentioned earlier, a simple roll (90 degree rotation) turns any reel into a stable and stationary structure. Depending on the size, the pulley may be a small cylinder with two wheels or a large cylinder with two circular countertops. By themselves, large wooden reels are suitable for tables, worktops and other useful furniture, but as we said, putting a creative artistic spirit and innovative approach we can do far more unusual things, such as those already described benches with pallets or stylish bar table. Here, however, we will look at the idea in which non-standard thought forms a multifunctional corner for a computer by dividing and dividing the existing area into several levels. All you need is a larger wooden cable reel, with a width (future height) of at least 60 cm, some wooden beams for additional details and fasteners. If you decide to take on this challenge of skill and skill, this is a brief description of the path to success.

Method of production:

He made a computer table for two of the wooden spools
Clean and prepare the spool, because most likely, the wood will need at least sanding. Draw two diametrical lines intersecting at 90 degrees on one round table. In this way you will divide it into 4 equal parts, and then outline the diameter of the cylindrical body of the spool. Cut, after pre-fixing if necessary, two of the opposite segments between the diameter of the cylinder and the outer diameter. Remove symmetrically 3-4 boards from both ends of the cylindrical body under the uncut segments, being careful not to disturb the structural integrity, and if necessary strengthen further. Turn the macro over, trace and cut the other side in an identical and parallel way. You should get four identical segments - two from each round top, which together put together to form a regular circle with a hole. The diameter of the hole must be equal to that of the cylinder. From two of the segments you can make, using pre-prepared beams, two chairs. Of the other two respectively, make desktops at different levels. Keep in mind that making them in this way, placing them above the existing plane of the spool, requires a stable reinforcement to give them strength. Another approach is to install below the initial level, which is easier to implement but not as effective. Additional strengthening, wood processing, painting and varnishing are the finishing touches, which are applied according to the need and personal creative feeling. In this case, there is an additional glass top on the central circle. If desired, you can also install wheels.

By the idea of: TIVESY