This perfect project of a summer house by the sea, with two bedrooms, demonstrates the possibility of building a functional and stylish home with an emphasis on the advantages of the warm months. Boiler and storage areas are not provided here, each bedroom has its own bathroom, the bright glass openings are the main facade solution, and a spacious terrace surrounds the building. The entrance hall leads directly to the living area, where the kitchen is zoned from the living room by a long bar, reminiscent of the need for refreshing drinks in summer. Sliding glass windows lead to the beautiful decking terrace in front of the living room, while two doors on the opposite side lead to the bedrooms. Each of these rooms has the necessary bathroom during the summer months, and in the living room, between the entrance hall and one bedroom, there is another bathroom.

House layout:

101. Entrance hall - 5.10m²; 102. Foyer - 9.07m²; 103. Toilet - 3.88m²; 104.Living room with kitchen - 32.10m²; 105.Bedroom - 12.23m²; 106.Bathroom - 4.18m²; 107.Bedroom - 16.43m²; 108.Bathroom - 4.32m².

The total living area of ​​the house - 87.31m²;

Additionally: Terrace - 46.34m²

Total area - 133.65m²

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