The presented project of a one-storey house with 3 bedrooms and a garage of 171sq.m. is a perfect model for building a cozy and functional home. In fact, the built-up area is over 200 square meters, but this is due to the magnificent decking terrace around the building, as well as the wonderful veranda in front of the living room. Otherwise, the attic space provides the convenience of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a separate toilet connected by a foyer / corridor with the beautiful living area with kitchen. There is a closet next to the kitchen, and right next to the entrance hall there is another auxiliary warehouse, which is actually the connection with the garage and the boiler room. The garage has space for two cars, and from the boiler room there is a door to the side yard. A stylish, wood-covered terrace surrounds the opposite part of the house, and in addition to the living room, it can be accessed from two of the bedrooms. The facade is light and contrasts with the dark windows and roof, and the overall look speaks of sophistication, perfectionism and comfort.

House layout:

1. entrance hall - 5.47m²; 2. foyer / corridor - 14.35m²; - 9.43m²; 4.killer - 2.84m²; 5. living room with dining area - 32.90m²; 6.bathroom - 8.45m²; 7.bedroom- 14.20m²; 8. bedroom- 16.53m²; 9.bathroom - 4.47m²; 10. wardrobe - 4.25m²; 11.bedroom - 14.08m²; 12.WC - 2.42m²; 13. auxiliary warehouse - 4.38m²; 14. boiler room / warehouse - 5.26m²; 15. double garage - 32.09m².

Total: 171.12m²

Living space: 139.03m²
Built-up Area: 217.26m²
Building Height: 7.32m
Volume: 834.00m³
Cover angle: 25 °

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