This project of a prestigious two-storey house with an underground level demonstrates how a magnificent house with four bedrooms and a number of additional rooms can be built on a relatively small built-up area. The real base of the building, excluding the two sites, is about 90 square meters, which are sufficient for the formation of a beautiful first floor with a large living room, kitchen next to it and a lobby open to the stairs, which connects all rooms on the floor. At the opposite end of the living room are an office, an entrance hall with a small service room next to it, as well as a bathroom with a toilet.

Upstairs the staircase leads to the second floor, where around the central entrance are distributed 4 bedrooms and a bathroom with toilet. Each pair of bedrooms has a shared balcony.

Downstairs, the same stairs lead to the underground level, where the boiler room, sauna with bath and toilet, as well as two large rooms for relaxation and entertainment are provided.

Internal distribution of the house:
1. entrance hall - 5.80m²; 2. warehouse / closet - 1.10m²; 3. entrance hall / lobby - 5.25 m4; 4.25. bath - 5m²; 10.85. cabinet - 6m²; 30.10. living room - 7m²; - XNUMXm².

Additionally: 8. playground in front of the entrance - 4.70m²; 9. playground in front of the living room - 4.85m²;

1. entrance hall - 4.25m²; 2nd bedroom - 14.80m²; 3rd bedroom - 14.80m²; 4. bath - 5.50 m5; 12.85. bedroom - 6m²; 12.85. bedroom - XNUMXm²;

Additionally: 7. common balcony in front of the large bedrooms - 4.85m²; 8. common balcony in front of the small bedrooms - 4.70m²;

Underground level:
1. entrance hall - 3.20 m2; 5.20. boiler room - 3m²; 19.20. relaxation area - 4m²; 5.20. sauna - 5m²; 2.70. bath - 6m²; 1.85. toilet - 7m²; 29.95. billiards / entertainment room - XNUMXm².

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