We present a magnificent project of a compact one-storey house with two bedrooms on an area of ​​less than 85 square meters. providing coziness and comfort for its owners in one space with optimal internal distribution. From the entrance platform you enter a wide entrance hall, part of which is provided for storing clothes, but you also enter a separate separate wardrobe niche. The transition inside the home is directly in the living area, which occupies one half of the volume and consists of a living room and kitchen, and the dining table is located on the conditional border between the two. In the other half are situated two bedrooms of the same size, a spacious bathroom and a boiler room. In the backyard is a neat little porch, which leads from the living room through a large opening. The same approach is provided in the side part, and the windows of the other rooms also have a significant area. The facade is light and contrasts with the dark roof, forming the charming vision of this beautiful house.

Internal distribution of the house:
1. entrance hall - 5.40m²; 2. wardrobe - 2.70m²; 3. foyer / corridor - 3.40 m4; 6.40.bath- 5m²; 4.20. boiler room - 6 m25.10; 7. living room - 9.80m²; 8.kitchen - 13.20m²; 5. bedroom - 13.20m²; XNUMX.bedroom - XNUMXm².

Useful living area - 83.40m²

Additionally: Porch - 6.30m²; staircase - 5.20m².

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