This is a wonderful project of a beautiful and compact two-bedroom house, which also has a wonderful and neat veranda. Although the size of a bungalow, this home offers under one roof everything you need for a household. The internal distribution is optimized, avoiding any connecting areas. The bathroom is accessible from the entrance hall, which leads directly to the living area with kitchen. From there you can enter the two bedrooms and go out on the porch. The wonderful combination of light wooden elements, white facade and tiled roof, form the fabulous exterior of this magnificent house.

Internal distribution of the house:

1. Entrance hall - 3.43m²; 2.Bathroom - 4.75m²; 3. Entrance hall - 1.80 m4; 6.95.Kitchen - 5m²; 15.98. Living room - 6m²; 9.48. Bedroom - 7m²; 9.83. Bedroom - 8m²; 7.41.Veranda - XNUMXm²

Living space: 52.22m²
Built-up Area: 64.58m²
Cubic capacity: 342.25m³
Roof angle: 35.00 °
Building height: 6.39m

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