This project of a compact wooden house with two bedrooms and an open attic space is situated on only about 60 sq.m. built-up area, but provides amenities, functionality and vision like a far larger home. The first level is divided by a centrally positioned entrance hall with a staircase to the attic and a large bathroom opposite, into two conditional halves - day and night. The two bedrooms are about 10 square meters, and the living room can be divided equally into kitchen and living room - each of about 12 square meters. In this part of the house there is no intermediate ceiling and the entire volume of the attic space is used, and the richly glazed facade provides plenty of sunlight during the day and a view of the stars at night. Around this part is built a beautiful decking platform of nearly 35 square meters, providing an opportunity to relax in the open air.
The internal staircase from the entrance hall leads to the attic level, which has an area of ​​almost 40 square meters, is open to the volume of the living room and can be arranged according to specific needs and vision of usefulness.

House layout:

1. Entrance hall + staircase - 5.93m²; 2. Corridor - 3.31m²; 3. Living room - 11.95m²; 4. Kitchen with dining room - 11.95m²; 5.Bathroom - 5.66m²; 6. Bedroom - 9.33m²; 7. Bedroom - 10.57m².

Total floor area - 59.00m²;

Additionally: Terrain decking terrace - 34.75m².

Attic open space - 39.00m²

Total floor area - 39.00m²;

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