This project of a compact one-storey house demonstrates how a stylish and functional home with four bedrooms and a garage can be formed on a relatively small built-up area. The L-shaped distribution allows the conditional division of the space into two zones - living room and sleeping area. The living room is open to a small veranda and backyard, as well as three of the bedrooms, the largest of which has a direct exit. There are several service rooms and, with the exception of the closet to the kitchen, they are located next to the corridor connecting all the rooms. A relatively large bathroom and a separate toilet are the main bathrooms, but there is also a wet room, which if needed by the household can be formed as a second bathroom.

The garage is located next to the entrance and is connected by an internal door to the entrance hall. There is a swimming pool in the yard, and the use of stone and wood in the construction and cladding of the house creates a radiance of pastoral comfort and harmony.

Internal distribution of the house:

1. Entrance hall - 5.1m²; 2. Corridor -14.8m²; 3. Daily tract - 42.1m²; 4. Closet to the kitchen - 3.4m²; 5.WC- 1.7m²; 6. Laundry / wet room - 4.4m²; 7. Room - 11.0m²; 8. Room - 11.0m²; 9.Bathroom - 8.2m²; 10. Room - 12.4m² + wardrobe - 2.4m²; 11. Room - 8.7m²; 12. Garage - 22.8m²

Built-up Area: 197.63m²
House volume: 772.18m³
Total usable area: 147.8m²
Roof height: 5.2m
Roof slope: 22 °

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