This project of a stylish stone and wood house with one bedroom demonstrates the possibility of building a compact, but comfortable and cozy home of about 60sq.m. The distribution is as clean as possible, as the entrance hall is at the same time a vestibule to the bathroom opposite, the bedroom on one side and the living room on the other. This distribution actually determines almost the same size of the living area and the sleeping area. As the latter has an area of ​​over 23 square meters, if necessary, the room can be divided into two smaller ones, and one room will be transitional. A covered veranda is provided along the entire facade, allowing a direct view of the surrounding nature. The main structure is supposed to be made of wood with decorative cladding of the facade with stone, but all other options are applicable - from metal to solid construction.

House layout:

1. Entrance hall - 5.47m²; 2.Bathroom - 6.23m²; 3. Bedroom - 23.10m²; 4. Living room with kitchen - 23.08mXNUMX.

The total area of ​​the house - 57.88 mXNUMX;
Total area of ​​the house (with veranda) - 64.90m².

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