This project of a one-storey house made of stone and wood with two bedrooms and a closed, glazed veranda demonstrates how a useful living area under 70sq.m. a beautiful and functional home can be formed. The rooms in the house are practically distributed, as from the entrance hall you enter directly into the common room, which forms the living room, and the small area, separated as a vestibule, provides access to both bedrooms and the bathroom with toilet. The bedrooms have a normal volume, and the living room leads to a covered and glazed veranda with a fireplace. This allows this area to be used as a winter garden during the cold months or as an area for relaxation, entertainment or eating during the warm months. The total usable area with the veranda is only 66.20 square meters, but this is enough. The facade solution is made of stone and wood, complemented by large glass windows on the covered terrace.

House layout:

1. Entrance hall - 1.60m²; 2. Bedroom - 11.00m²; 3. Bedroom - 12.20m²; 4. Bath - 3.80m²; 5. Living room with kitchen - 23.50m²; 6.Veranda - 14.10m².

Total area of ​​the house (with veranda) - 66.20m².

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