We present a wonderful project of a charming one-storey house with two bedrooms and a garage, combining style, comfort and functionality. The approach to the house is through a relatively large lobby, which can be entered not only through the front door, but also through the garage. From the entrance hall you go directly to the living area, where there are U-shaped kitchen, dining room and living room. On the other side of the house are the other rooms, connected by an open to the living room corridor. First there is a separate toilet; next to it is the boiler / wet room, and then there are the two bedrooms with a large bathroom situated between them. From the larger bedroom you can go out on a beautiful veranda to the garden, as there is an approach to this area from the living room of the house.

The exterior relies on a contrast between white and dark gray, complemented by the softness of the reddish-brown tones of decorative bricks and wood elements, completing the final look of this beautiful one-story house.

Internal distribution of the house:
1. entrance hall - 7.60m²; 2. garage - 21.60m²; 3. living room - 34.10m²; 4.kitchen - 9.90m²; 5. corridor - 7.50 m6; 2.00. WC - 7m6.20; 8. boiler / wet room - 11.30m²; 9. bedroom - 7.50m²; 10.bath- 16.20m²; XNUMX. bedroom - XNUMXm².

Additionally: Porch - 14.90m²; staircase - 5.10m².

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