We present an interesting project of a beautiful two-storey house with 4 bedrooms and a mezzanine, in which with minimal architectural intervention another room could be formed if the double height in the living room is undesirable. In fact, this is one of the characteristic features of this project and the construction of a mezzanine, ie. open to the lower level floor, gives style and identity to the interior layout. It itself includes a large and bright living room with U-shaped kitchen and access to a terraced terrace in the backyard, a small bathroom and bedroom on the first floor, and a boiler room and entrance hall, while on the second floor, around an entrance hall open to double on the lower level, there are three more bedrooms, a bathroom and a dressing room.

The exterior design relies on light tones of the facade and contrasting dark gray windows and roof, as well as several friezes. The overall vision of this beautiful house exudes style and moderation, combined with a sense of comfort and coziness.

Internal distribution of the house:
Floor 1:
101. staircase - 14.36m²; 102. entrance hall - 3.52m²; 103.foyer - 12.83m²; 104. bedroom - 14.63m²; 105.bathroom - 3.16m²; 106. everyday - 39.71m²; 107.kitchen - 9.26m²; 108. boiler room - 6.09m²; 109. staircase - 3.15m²; 110. terrain terrace - 11.00m²;

Ground floor area: 117.41m²

Floor 2:
201. entrance hall - 16.43 m202; 21.00.bedroom - 203m²; 5.80.bathroom - 204m²; 13.43.bedroom - 205m²; 13.16.bedroom - 206m²; 4.80.wardrobe - 207m²; 2.20.balcony - XNUMXm².

Second floor area: 76.82m²

Total area: 164m²

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