We present a stylish project of a one-storey house with three bedrooms, a veranda and a brick facade, which combines beauty and comfort. The internal distribution of the house is organized around a central lobby, which can be reached through the entrance hall. Around this lobby or entrance hall, all living and service rooms are radially located, except for the boiler room. The three bedrooms are served by a large bathroom with toilet, as well as a separate one, and the living room is divided into a living room and a larger kitchen-dining area, with a closet and direct access to a beautiful veranda in the backyard.

The facade is decorated with brick cladding of dark and light brown ceramics, as well as a dark roof and windows, which simultaneously contrast and harmonize in the construction of the final vision of this magnificent home.

Internal distribution of the house:
1. entrance hall - 3.40m²; 2. hotel / service room - 7.00m²; 3. foyer / entrance hall - 17.43 m4; 6.09.bath- 5m²; 1.92. toilet - 6m²; 34.11. living room with kitchen - 7m²; 1.65.killer - 8m²; 1.62. bedroom - 9m²; 16.20. bedroom - 10m²; 15.05. bedroom - 11m²; 2.64.wardrobe - XNUMXm².

Additionally: Porch - 18.50m².

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