The presented project of a charming one-storey house with 3 bedrooms of less than 90 sq.m., again demonstrates the possibility of building a compact but fully functional home with a limited area. Naturally, this house can not claim the luxury and comfort of its older relatives, but offers everything you need are a quiet and wonderful life for a medium-sized family. With three normal bedrooms and a relatively spacious living room with access to a neat veranda, as well as a boiler room and separate bathrooms, the house is a great example of effective interior layout, while the stylish contrasting facade, using stone and wood, complements the charm of the exterior. .

Internal distribution of the house:
1st entrance - 2.97m²; 2. boiler room / warehouse - 3.55m²; 3. foyer / corridor - 6.64 m4; 4.81.bath- 5m²; 1.93. toilet - 6m²; 23.01. living room - 7m²; - 8m²; 11.89. bedroom - 9m²; 15.40. bedroom - 10m²; 11.55. bedroom - XNUMXm².

Total area - 88.76m²

Additionally: Porch - 12.41m²

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