The idea of ​​propagating roses through cuttings in potatoes.

In the summer, in the midst of flowering is the best time to choose cuttings of green plants. They should be straight, with a pencil thickness and no more than 30 cm long. Remove the leaf mass and spikes from the bottom half. Prepare potatoes by selecting medium sized potatoes. In some cases, it comes with young potatoes, but we recommend that the potatoes are not fresh but old and with no signs of injury, rot, no disturbance and black spots on the husk to prevent the development of worms. The cuttings are cut at the bottom, and the potato hole should be smaller than the thickness of the cuttings. Put the cuttings in the potatoes and prepare the planting site. Choose a place in the garden that is well lit and protected from the wind. Make a long excavation about 20 cm deep so that the 2 / 3 of the cuttings remain covered. Sprinkle the bottom of the trench with sand and place the potatoes with cuttings about 15 cm apart. Fill the trench with garden soil so that the cuttings show about 10 cm. Pull the soil around them well. Water throughout the summer for rooting. The use of potatoes in this method is a kind of root substitute, providing constant moisture and minerals. This way, by the end of summer, you will have a ready seedling and you will be able to move the roses to a permanent place.