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Easter recipes

    Easter recipes. Kozunatsi. Holiday recipes. Easter meal.

    German Hefekranz or Hefezopf

    Hefekranz or Hefezopf (Letter. May Wreath or Tile from

    Homemade Ukrainian Easter cake "Paska"

    The Ukrainian ritual Easter bread is called "Paska" (Easter, Ukrainian Easter).

    Homemade icecream with chocolate and orange peel

    Tradition requires Easter to involve the weasel

    Armenian Choreg (չորեկ)

    Chowder (չորեկ) is an Armenian goat that gets involved in Easter

    Czech and Slovak Easter pie Mazanets

    Cheesecakes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are traditionally prepared

    Traditional Jewish sweet bread Hala

    Hala (x) (Hebrew - חלה) is an extremely common Easter bread, which

    American sweet cinnamon bread and raisins

    Although in Europe and Asia they were involved in Kozunacs

    Finnish Easter cake "Pula"

    Pula, Nisu or other names (Pulla, Nisu, Vetebröd, Kardemummabullar,

    Traditional Portuguese Folar da Pascoa

    Bread is a link between man and earth, and the egg is

    Russian Easter Easter cake "Kulich"

    As in almost all Christian communities, sweet ritual is involved

    Cozonac - Romanian Easter cake with walnuts, raisins and cocoa

    The traditional Bulgarian and Romanian Kozunaks are the same

    Croatian weasel

    Croatian weevil can be prepared by several methods and

    Greek Tzureki

    Tzureki (τσουρέκι) is a Greek sweet rite bread made on Easter.

    Easter dough baskets

    Knitted dough baskets are an attractive and beautiful way to

    The Easter cake Panettone - Panettone

    Most of you probably know him well, and at least

    Easter flower Easter cake

    There are dozens and maybe hundreds of recipes to prepare

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