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Spaghetti / Pasta

    Interesting and easy spaghetti recipes. Delicious and quick spaghetti recipes. Recipe for spaghetti.

    Rollo Papardele with Bolognese sauce, cream and eggs

    Papardeles are a type of wide, long and flat Italian pasta

    Lasagna - the recipe of Art Senses

    This is an extremely tasty recipe for Lasagna Bolognese with sauce

    Spaghetti with garlic sauce

    This is an unconventional recipe for making spaghetti with delicious

    Spinach tagliatelle with chicken and garlic milk sauce

    This idea is more practical than artistic, but in a hurry

    Spaghetti with sausage

    Spaghetti, like any pasta, is easy and quick to prepare. They

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