Pirin is one of the most beautiful and magnificent mountains in Bulgaria. Its highest peak Vihren stretches in an attempt to touch the sky at 2914 meters. The alpine nature of the terrain makes this mountain not only glamorous, but truly breathtaking.

Pirin differs from other mountains in Bulgaria with its rocky alpine peaks. Climbing them is much more difficult than the peaks of the other mountains in Bulgaria because of the presence of slippery rocks and screes.

One of the rarest high mountain flowers - edelweiss, is found precisely in Pirin. It is most widespread on the Jamdji rocks under Vihren peak, but it is also found under Koncheto.

Pirin is home to one of the oldest trees in Bulgaria - the Baikusheva Mura. It is a kind of black stone. Her age is estimated at more than 1300 years, but cannot be determined with accuracy. Baikusheva pine is the oldest coniferous tree in Bulgaria and one of the oldest in the whole world. Its height is 26 meters and the circumference of the stem is impressive 7,8 meters.

Pirin is home to a large number of animal species. Among the wild nature of the beautiful mountain you can meet wild goats, wolves, deer, foxes, bears, eagles, falcons…

Pirin is the oldest national park in Bulgaria, officially declared one in 1962 year. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.