For decades, the Star Wars universe has been home to epic battles, just like children's rooms. Children's rooms need plenty of daylight during the day and darkness before bed to ensure a good night's sleep. Continuing their fruitful collaboration in the field of design, Disney and the VELUX Group meet the requirements of modern children's rooms through the Gala Wars collection of Star Wars & VELUX blackout blinds.

The new collection features four designs of blackout blinds featuring popular Star Wars characters and adds interior elements to one of the world's most successful entertainment concepts.

The double function of the modern nursery as a playroom and bedroom requires high quality decoration products, and the collection is designed to meet the multifaceted needs and to fulfill the dreams of the naughty toddlers for creativity and relaxation.

Creating a room for personal space and sleep

In support of parents creating the perfect environment for boys and girls to play and relax, Disney and the VELUX Group have expanded their collaboration with a collection of darker blinds. It offers families with children the so popular Star Wars motif: The Force Awakens to personalize and equip a nursery in the style of a true Star Wars fan, providing optimal sleep conditions.

Star Wars from VELUX
"According to research, children's development, along with their mental and emotional manifestations, is closely linked to their dream pattern. Today, we can now model and support a good night's sleep by improving the living environment, for example by providing the perfect dimming of the room, "says Peter Foldberg, Head of VELUX Group's Center for Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate.

Design from a distant, distant galaxy

In a distant, distant galaxy was the Star Wars universe. In turn, the Galactic collection of blackout blinds Star Wars & VELUX was created specifically to bring comfort and individuality to the modern children's room. Over time, children become more demanding of the interior of their room. The new collection of blinds suits more the tastes of teenagers and more active action lovers.


"Through our partnership with Disney, we have been able to take a step forward and bring imagination and playfulness into our children's designs. Collaborating with Star Wars is the best way to match the needs of teens and their parents, utilizing the effects of darker blinds in combination with some of the most iconic and epic heroes of modern culture, "says Kent Holm, VP of Global Product Management at VELUX Group.

Emblematic and new characters

Inspired by the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the collection features two designs featuring new characters Kaylo Ren and Droids and two featuring the iconic Darth Vader and Death Star.

Each blind is specially designed by the VELUX Group for adolescent children and is sized to fit the size and shape of the VELUX roof window. Thus, the characters in the poster, depicted with beautiful graphic details and visual effects, look almost alive and invite children to play long games with their imaginary friends.

Creating a place for epic stories and a wonderful dream in the children's room is now easy, with the new Galactic collection of Star Wars & VELUX blackout blinds, created to be a ready-made solution for VELUX roof windows. The blinds are easy to install with the certified VELUX Pick & Click technology ™. The new designs also meet modern OEKO-TEX® standards, ensuring that no harmful substances or chemicals are used in their production.

 Facts and Tips for a Good Night's Sleep:

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