The presented project of a stylish one-storey house with three bedrooms of 127 square meters, a winter garden and a contrasting black and white facade demonstrates the possibility of building a beautiful, spacious and fully functional home on a relatively small built-up area. Thanks to the efficient internal layout, the house offers the amenities of 3 large and bright bedrooms and as many bathrooms - a spacious bathroom with a window and two separate toilets. A wide, open to the living room entrance hall, which is passed from the entrance hall, connects all living spaces. The living room with dining area is conditionally separated from the kitchen area, while open to a glazed winter garden, which is a transition to the terrace in the backyard. The facade is bright, with contrasting windows, foundations, corner elements and a roof, and completes in a natural and harmonious way the architecture of this beautiful house.

Internal distribution of the house:

1st entrance - 4.96m²; 2. boiler room - 5.12m²; 3. foyer - 11.40m²; 4. living room with dining area - 35.27m²; - 13.03m²; 6.WC - 3.52m²; 7. bedroom - 17.49m²; 8. bedroom - 16.01m²; 9.bathroom - 8.09m²; 10. bedroom - 15.41m²; 11. winter garden - 6.95m².

Additionally: Terrace - 13.69m²; entrance area - 9.32m²

Built-up Area: 127.26m²

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