This is a wonderful project of a brick one-storey house with 3 bedrooms on 117sq.m. useful area and additional terraces, which also has an internal folding ladder for use at the attic level. The internal layout is extremely practical, as from the entrance hall, next to which there is a storage / boiler room, you enter the lobby / corridor, connecting the other rooms in the house. On the left are two bathrooms with toilets and three bedrooms, the largest of which has its own wardrobe of 4.5 square meters. In this corridor is situated and folding ceiling ladder, providing access to the attic space, turning it into a useful and usable volume. To the right is the living room, to which the lobby is open. The kitchen is U-shaped, with a window above the sink, and the living room has access to a wonderful small veranda overlooking the garden. The exterior design of the facade is decided in a combination of bricks with different color tones, which gives an attractive mosaic architecture of the house. The windows, stone-clad foundations and roof are dark and contrast with the friezes and other white brick elements.

Internal distribution of the house:

1st entrance - 4.92m²; 2. boiler room - 4.68m²; 3. foyer / corridor - 11.14 m4; 4.64. bath- 5m²; 6.42. bath - 6m²; 26.75. living room - 7m²; - 8m²; 16.80. bedroom - 9m²; 4.46. wardrobe - 10m²; 12.03. bedroom - 11m²; 13.26.bedroom - XNUMXm².

Additionally: Porch - 15.81m²²; staircase - 6.91m².

Total area: 117.35m²

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