The presented project of a one-storey brick house with 3 bedrooms and a double garage is a kind of universal model for a functional, practical and comfortable house. On about 130sq.m. useful living space is located everything needed for a normal family. Conditionally, the home can be divided into two, with one half being daytime and the other being nighttime. Several service and service areas are the link between the two. From the front door you enter the hallway, which is accessed from the garage through the boiler room. From the entrance hall there is a foyer, which turns into a corridor to the bedrooms on the right, the kitchen on the right and the living room on the left. The kitchen, living room and dining room are connected to each other in a large living room, with direct access to the front, to the garage, part of the yard and in the garden behind the house. Both passages are through large glass doors, providing plenty of light in the living area of ​​the home. There is a closet to the kitchen, and a bathroom is located at the beginning of the corridor to the other rooms. A second, larger bathroom is located between the three bedrooms, and each of them has a direct connection to the garden. The façade layout relies on a contrasting combination of light plaster, red bricks, wooden windows and a dark roof, forming in a stylish unity the overall architectural vision of this beautiful house.

Internal distribution of the house:

1. Entrance hall - 3.47m²; 2. Foyer - 10.32m²; 3.Kitchen - 11.43m²; 4.Killer - 1.45m²; 5. Dining room - 15.43m²; 6.Hall - 34.00m²; 7.Bathroom - 3.02m²; 8. Corridor - 6.57m²; 9. Bedroom - 14.06m²; 10. Bedroom - 11.26m²; 11. Bedroom - 11.26m²; 12.Bathroom - 7.68m²; 13. Boiler room - 9.05m²; 14. Garage - 37.74m².

Useful living area - 129.86m²
Built-up area - 231.49m²
Cubic capacity - 541.78m³
Roof angle - 25 °
Roof area - 314.40m²
Height of the building - 6.58 m

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