Any connoisseur and beverage lover would love to have a stylish and multifunctional bar table that has space for storing bottles and utensils, as well as providing enough usable space. Here we present you an idea for making handmade similar furniture furniture from a wooden cable reel. Side-by-side, wooden reels turn into natural and stable countertops, and with a little creative intervention, they can be converted into a variety of useful furniture. The natural beauty of the wood is harmoniously intertwined in many artistic concepts, and with its good performance, the finished products are superior to many of the commercially produced ones.

Method of production:

Stylish wooden table reel for cable

The most important thing is to have a vision for the final result - this will help you a lot in the preparation and planning. Depending on the size of the reel, you will need to consider some of the details. There are different sizes, assuming that at a width of more than 85-95 cm, after its lateral rotation, it can be easily adapted for a bar table. Subsequent installation of legs or wheels is a way to compensate for the lack of height, but even as a low performance in a living room bar-table option, the idea provides wide horizons for artistic expression.
The first and most important thing is the cleaning and processing of the material. In addition, the space provided for storing bottles and cups will require some design changes, which in turn requires knowledge of the joints. Therefore, it is recommended, after drawing up the plan, to disassemble the spool of the main structural elements, to clean, paint, varnish and, if necessary, strengthen further. In this case there is an open box with rope dividers for placing bottles in the upper half of the cylinder, and in the lower cavity there is a space with doors for storage of cognacs, liqueurs and others. Wooden "forks" for stacking cups are mounted on the underside of the top.
The models shown below demonstrate a different approach to double-sided storage of wine bottles, as well as another similar option in the distribution of the cavity in the cylinder. In the second case, a cooling vessel is reinforced in the upper half of the cylinder, under a cover cut in the hob. Thus, by using the glacier, bottles of champagne or white wine can be cooled in the middle of the spool.

Stylish wooden table reel